Why Do I need to use Cosmeceutical skin care products?

I get this question many times. It’s a great question with a simple explanation. The products that are sold at cosmetic counters and drug stores are over the counter (OTC) They only effect the very top layer of your skin. That is called the epidermis. Which is like the mattress of your skin. This is all well and good and you may even see some minimal results. But if you want a game changer for your skin, you need to use cosmeceutical products. These skin care products penetrate past the epidermis and into the dermal layer of your skin. This is like the box spring of your skin. In this layer is where collagen and elastin produce. And your skin cells rebirth.Skin care products

OTC products have a low percentage of active ingredients, fillers, dyes and even fragrance oils. They may hydrate and moisturize but nothing more. They basically just sit on the top layer of skin.

Cosmeceutical products have a high percentage of active ingredients like, retinol, peptides, stem cells and botanical oils. They help firm, tighten, fade sun damage, minimize pore size and rebirth your skin cells. You will see a change in your skin and people will notice too. And that is what we want!

OTC products are often more expensive because you end up using more and replacing it sooner. What usually happens is you end up with multiple products that didn’t work. They end up in a drawer or worse, in the trash. A waste of your money!

Cosmeceutical products have a high concentration of active ingredients this means you use less and they will last longer. Also, you purchase these products from an Esthetician or Physician’s office. That means the cosmeceutical companies don’t pay for big advertising campaigns or television commercials.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what products to use on your skin. We carry cosmeceutical products for everyone.
Thanks for reading!

Cynthia Baecker,

Esthetician at Revive


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