Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and it makes me remember those who have laid it all on the line for love of country.  I cannot put in to words the gratitude I feel to those who have lost their lives so that we may enjoy our freedoms.  We truly are blessed to have the privilege to call the United States of America our home.  Our great country provides each and every one of us with the opportunity to work hard and achieve success.  I solemnly salute those who have fallen and applaud those who serve today and have served in the past.  To the military families who endure to stresses of deployment and worries of knowing their loved ones are in danger daily – I also salute you and thank you for your patience, love, understanding, and support of the soldiers you call family.    

We are all citizens of the United States of America…..  One great nation under God, let’s not take for granted how fortunate we all are.  I am honored to serve in the United States Army beside so many great soldiers and proud to say that my collaborating physician, Dr. John Kocka, serves in the United States Air Force.  Thank you, sir, for you service.Memorial Day brecksville ohio

On this weekend of honor and memorial events, if you happen to wonder – who has your back?….WE’VE got your back….God Bless – and Happy Memorial Day!

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