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Time Is Important to Everyone


Time can be a delicate issue in a professional practice. Our mission is 5 star service, spending quality time with each and every patient. Unlike a budget practice based on quick in and out high volume, it is important to us to give each patient our best knowledge, direction, and the medical plan of care that best achieves their health and personal goals.

Scheduling an appointment time that works for the patient and the providers require a level of respect for both sides. As we all know, life throws us curves. People get ill, have accidents, family emergencies (fur family members included!), tragedy, unavoidable traffic or mandatory work obligations. These are certainly acceptable situations for occasionally missing an appointment or being late. There are other circumstances that cause patients to miss appointments or tardiness that could be avoided with prioritizing or better planning.blog revive medical

We are a professional medical office. The time scheduled for each appointment is the patient’s reserved personal time with the medical staff, it’s all about them from start to finish. When patients are late, it backs up the schedule, negatively affecting the following patients and our quality time with them. Most medical offices charge for missed appointments and for tardiness of 15min+. This is because appointments in a professional setting are a higher priority than routine obligations. We require a minimum of 24 business hours for cancellation or reschedule. After 2 no call, no shows, there is a $25 reminder fee.

If a patient is booked for a specific treatment or visit with the doctor, advanced nurse practitioner or esthetician know that the clinical time allotted was carefully planned out. It is important to us that we spend enough quality time with each patient to best address their needs and concerns. There are typically several patients booked consecutively so any delays are discourteous to our staff and the patients that follow.

If a patient has any advanced notice they will be late or cannot make their appointment, it is respectful and courteous to call the office as soon as possible with notification so we can adjust the schedule or try to get another patient to fill the booked time slot. At a professional office, notice for tardiness or cancellation is expected. Unfilled booked appointments because of no shows or last minute cancellations leave us no time to fill the slot with another patient; that is time wasted for all. Folks that are chronically late or habitually no show are quite disruptive to the clinic, the daily schedule and our other patients. Patients shouldn’t play chess with their appointments, if unsure if a time works, we can add a note that it is tentative, but this should be an exception.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated. We here at Revive care deeply for the health of our patients and tirelessly work at providing the best clinical and customer experience. We want our patients happy, healthy, and beautiful!

You Want A Good Facial Experience

So, you decide to finally use that gift certificate you received almost 3 months ago for your birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. It is for a facial to a spa of sorts and you are not quite sure what to expect. Probably a lambasting of how you should be taking care of your skin and then a sales pitch on expensive treatments and products you NEED. And maybe at this point your thinking why even go? But you don’t want to hurt the person’s feeling you received that gift certificate from. And you know they will be asking you if you used it and how you liked the place. So, you go and hopefully you meet someone like me who has been in your shoes. Someone who remembers their first facial experience. 

When I was attending esthetics school. I decided to play spy. I went to a place that I was told was very nice and thRevive signature faciale facials were awesome. I wanted to learn how this all worked. From how I was greeted when I walked through the door to how they would let me exit the place. Would I feel pressured into purchasing products? How expensive are the products and the treatments? Would I like the touch of my Esthetician, her personality, and how knowledgeable was she about skin? Will she listen to my skin concerns? How clean would the place be? I wanted to see what it would be like to be the client. I’m so glad I had the experience. And so now when I’m in the Esthetician seat, I remind myself of what I was thinking and how I wanted to be treated. I don’t want to be scolded or have my arm twisted into expensive products or treatments. I want to be taken good care of and be educated on my skin. I want to know what will help me have beautiful skin. I WANT HONESTY AND TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT!

I’m glad I went for a facial even though I didn’t have a gift certificate. As a matter of fact, I went for many facials at different places. I learned a lot. I learned exactly what it felt like to be the client. I knew when I had clients what I would and wouldn’t do. I have made a few mistakes in my last 8 years. And I have discovered honesty is the best policy, a good education and, good listening skills. And it was very important to get the client to feel relaxed, comfortable and feel like they were at home. NO ARM TWISTING or making someone feel guilty about how they are not taking care of their skin or using the proper products. Who needs to hear that noise? And definitely having a sense of humor with clients. Making someone smile or laugh is the best way I know to get them to relax.

I hope you will come to see me here at Revive Regenerative Medical Spa. I do in fact have a no arm twisting policy. No guilting you into anything. Just the facts about your skin and what I can do to help you. What you will get from me is the skinny on your skin. An answer to what are the best products and treatment plan. I customize your needs to your skin type and concerns. I work to give you the wow factor when you look in the mirror.

Cynthia @ Revive Regenerative Medical Spa

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is upon us and it makes me remember those who have laid it all on the line for love of country.  I cannot put in to words the gratitude I feel to those who have lost their lives so that we may enjoy our freedoms.  We truly are blessed to have the privilege to call the United States of America our home.  Our great country provides each and every one of us with the opportunity to work hard and achieve success.  I solemnly salute those who have fallen and applaud those who serve today and have served in the past.  To the military families who endure to stresses of deployment and worries of knowing their loved ones are in danger daily – I also salute you and thank you for your patience, love, understanding, and support of the soldiers you call family.    

We are all citizens of the United States of America…..  One great nation under God, let’s not take for granted how fortunate we all are.  I am honored to serve in the United States Army beside so many great soldiers and proud to say that my collaborating physician, Dr. John Kocka, serves in the United States Air Force.  Thank you, sir, for you service.Memorial Day brecksville ohio

On this weekend of honor and memorial events, if you happen to wonder – who has your back?….WE’VE got your back….God Bless – and Happy Memorial Day!


Today I am thinking about the value of having great friends!  Yesterday we had an event and there were multiple ladFriends at Revive Medical Spaies who came with friends.  I LOVED IT…..what is better than having a ‘partner in crime’ to assist in your venture to achieve your goals in life?  Med spa in brecksvilleYes, I said goals…..and I used it in reference to aesthetic procedures.   Ladies (and gentlemen) when you look your best you feel your best and when you feel your best you perform better in life.  There have been studies done and you function at a higher level by choosing to adorn yourself in better clothing – I have not seen a study on performance and aesthetics but I would be willing to bet the outcomes would parallel each other.

Let’s get back to the friend thing…. How great is it to have someone you trust with you to hold your hand both figuratively and literally as you navigate your way through a new process?  I also medical spa in northeast ohiofind that I personally wear my ‘big girl pants’ when someone is watching. My girlfriends cheer me on in many ways and I love having them in tow to help me decide which bikini looks the best, choose new furniture, eat new foods, and even decide how to make my face look great.  So, I encourage you  all – the next time you come to the Medi-Spa….and I hope that means come to Revive to see Susan….bring a friend – you can cheer each other on as you try out the latest and greatest procedures to make you look and feel amazing.  It’s not a cheap afternoon….but you are worth it!

Chemical Peels Are a Skin Game Changer

skin care in northeast ohioCleopatra had it right when it came to her skin. She bathed in milk. Milk has lactic acid which is great for all skin types. It moisturizes because it pulls moisture from the air and holds it in the skin. That is why Cleopatra was known to have fabulous skin.
So, fast forward to 1980 and that is when Estheticians began using chemical peels in the treatment room. Today chemical peels are still one of the best tools for Estheticians. They resurface and regenerate the skin by stimulating the cellular renewal cycle. Chemical peels induce the skins collagen remodeling. This makes the skin plump, softens lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels also lighten, tighten and, brighten your skin. 
There are 2 ways chemical peels are chosen for your skin type. Your Fitspatrick classification.  That means your genetic disposition. Your reaction to sun exposure and tanning habits. The numbering system is Type I, Type II, Type III, TypeIV, Type V,  and Type VI. (see chart).
what is a chemical peel
The other classification is your Glagau Classification. This means it measures the severity of your wrinkles and photo aging. Your Esthetician can decide your classification by analyzing your skin. (see chart)
Chemical peel brecksville ohio

Certain peels are used for certain skin types. Your skin concerns will also be taken into consideration when the Esthetician makes a choice on what peel is best for you.

    • Wrinkles- Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Salicylic Acid
    • Sensitive skin- Vit C, Enzymes, Peptides, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid
    • Photo Damage and Pigment- Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid, Salicylic
    • Dry Dehydrated skin- Vit C, Enzymes, Peptides, Lactic Acid, Kojic Acid
    • Acne and Oily- Salicylic acid, Glycolic Acid, Retinol

 It is recommended to get one chemical peel a month in combination with professional grade skincare products. This will give you the best results and should be done in a series of 6 or more. This type of treatment plan and regimen should have your skin looking great. Your Esthetician should photograph you each visit. This will show you proof of results. You see your skin everyday so sometimes you may be  uncertain of positive results. Photos do not lie.

 After your peel, a post peel care regimen is extremely important. Your Esthetician should provide you with a kit or recommendations of what professional products to use during your skins rejuvenating process. The kit or recommendations should include a mild cleanser, a melanin inhibitor (pigment control), a serum that promotes collagen growth and healing, and a sunscreen to protect your skin while it is reconstructing. Moisturization is an option but not necessary. Too much moisturization can slow down the chemical peel process and possibly inhibit results. Your Esthetician will recommend what moisturizer will be beneficial for your skin.  Be certain to be diligent using the post treatment regimen. It is crucial to the rejuvenation and reconstructive process of your skin. OVER THE COUNTER products are not acceptable and may cause inflammation or irritation.

During the rejuvenation process your skin may flake and or peel. It is necessary to let this occur naturally. That means DO NOT assist by picking or peeling. Depending on the type of chemical peel, it can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to stop peeling. As the saying goes, Patience is a virtue. And it will pay off when the peeling process is all done. People will ask you, “What have you been doing to your skin? It looks great!”

Confessions of an (ex)Botox Virgin

So my birthday was quickly approaching and the number associated with this blessed event would be 40…..FORTY!  Yes, I was a bit freaked out by the whole idea of being 40.  I felt young, my running ability was great, by body looked fine – nothing pointing south that shouldn’t be – heck I could even rock a bikini with the best of them.  I just hated the thought of aging.  

I recall back in ‘the day’ when my mother turned 40 and ran to the makeup counter to pick up all of the most expensive potions and lotions to stave off the all mighty wrinkle.  I HAVE to believe the executives at Estee Lauder get handsome bonuses each year thanks to women across America panicking over a birthday number.

Back to my situation – I was NOT going down without a fight.  Nope, I would fight my way to maintaining the youth I once claimed by both number and appearance.  I couldn’t change the number – but damnit – my appearance WAS NOT GOING TO CHANGE….Off to find a solution.

I did my research and found a specific laser that was supposed to make my skin generate new collagen.  It was not cheap….somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 grand…..but what’s a few dollars toward my cause?  I went to my consultation and got the scoop on how long it takes to really see a change – not fast….not fast at all.  First, I would look like a burn victim; next, I would have fresh skin but fine lines might remain; finally, tissue growth would take over and my face would look lovely.  Hmmm, anyone that has EVER met ME for even 1 minute knows I am lacking in the patience department.  

My Dr. then threw in a thought – how about a little Botox now and that should carry you through the summer until botox near methe results kick in?    NOW we’re talking….a couple of injections and I could get a jump start on my stupid crows feet – let’s do it!

The Botox treatment was simple – the results stunning and subtle at the same time.  I almost skipped the laser…but not quite… I DO suffer for my craft.  Let me tell you, having your face removed via laser is not for the faint at heart.  The recovery took most of the summer – the results were great – but my mind kept wandering back to that darn Botox because the results weren’t QUITE the same once it went away.

Ever have something wonderful happen then go away?  Well, thanks to the extra treatment I did not need to run back for Botox immediately – it really did get me through the initial wait for improvement – aneveryone looks better with botoxd made the results even better.  I am now approaching 45 and I have had this face kissed by Botox a few times more.  Fast forward to present and I am now the person injecting the Botox…..I can say with all certainty that everyone….yes, I do mean EVERYONE looks better with Botox.  

I am amazed by people saying they won’t get Botox because it wears off.  So what!  Your hair grows and yet you still go and get it done…same with nails and toes.  You could even go that direction with your car or your house – things need to be maintained.  There is no shame in the game of taking care of what God gave you.  In fact, I would say it’s pretty darn shameful to take that temple and let it crumble because you don’t want to part with a few bucks.  

We choose how we spend our income and it comes down to what is most important.  It’s all about choices.  So yes, I made my choice long ago….I will invest a few bucks to look beautiful and feel confident and I am not at all ashamed to say that Botox is going to be in my life for many years to come.

Why Do I need to use Cosmeceutical skin care products?

I get this question many times. It’s a great question with a simple explanation. The products that are sold at cosmetic counters and drug stores are over the counter (OTC) They only effect the very top layer of your skin. That is called the epidermis. Which is like the mattress of your skin. This is all well and good and you may even see some minimal results. But if you want a game changer for your skin, you need to use cosmeceutical products. These skin care products penetrate past the epidermis and into the dermal layer of your skin. This is like the box spring of your skin. In this layer is where collagen and elastin produce. And your skin cells rebirth.Skin care products

OTC products have a low percentage of active ingredients, fillers, dyes and even fragrance oils. They may hydrate and moisturize but nothing more. They basically just sit on the top layer of skin.

Cosmeceutical products have a high percentage of active ingredients like, retinol, peptides, stem cells and botanical oils. They help firm, tighten, fade sun damage, minimize pore size and rebirth your skin cells. You will see a change in your skin and people will notice too. And that is what we want!

OTC products are often more expensive because you end up using more and replacing it sooner. What usually happens is you end up with multiple products that didn’t work. They end up in a drawer or worse, in the trash. A waste of your money!

Cosmeceutical products have a high concentration of active ingredients this means you use less and they will last longer. Also, you purchase these products from an Esthetician or Physician’s office. That means the cosmeceutical companies don’t pay for big advertising campaigns or television commercials.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what products to use on your skin. We carry cosmeceutical products for everyone.
Thanks for reading!

Cynthia Baecker,

Esthetician at Revive


I don’t want to go bald!

I started losing my hair at age 36. I used to part my hair straight up the middle. One afternoon at work I was brushing my hair and I noticed my part was a bit wider. I found that odd and I started asking friends and family members what they thought. “What do you think is my part looking wider?”, I asked., I got comments like, “Hmm maybe?”,“It’s the way you part your hair.”, “ I don’t see any difference.” And my favorite comment, “ I’m gonna love you even if you go bald!” Nice sentiment but, I DON’T WANT TO GO BALD! I mean how many bald women do you see in this world?
I have tried many things from vitamins, topical products and mechanical stimulation. NOTHING seemed to help me. Minoxadil was probably the only thing that slowed down the hair loss process, but didn’t re grow my hair. And never mind a hair transplant. Way too expensive and no guarantee the hair won’t fall back out.
Last spring  I went to a wig shop. I decided to purchase a hair piece. I didn’t care about the price as long as it matched my hair color and looked natural. I spent a good hour looking and picking something out. I didn’t purchase anything because I realized what a hassle it would be. Getting it in place and styling it every morning.  No way was that going to work for me. I’m not patient when it comes to fixing hair. That is one reason why I didn’t become a cosmetologist.
So this January 2017 I took the plunge and committed myself to PRP therapy for hair restoration. I have the privilege of working here at Revive a Regenerative Medical Spa and seeing several successful hair restoration treatments.  Now, it is my turn. I want to be a successful hair restoration story too! I want my hair to grow back. I’m tired of feeling depressed and trying to hide my hair loss. I’m a member of the Creative Combover Club and I want to quit.
I now have two PRP therapy treatment done, one month apart. And guess what? My hair is starting to grow back. I’m so thrilled something is finally working. I have one more treatment to do and in six months I can do another round of three if needed.
I encourage everyone reading this. If you have hair loss or know someone who does, please take the time to call Revive (440-736-7500) for a free consultation. Our Nurse Practitioner Susan is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, honest and skilled with injections. And the treatment is much more affordable PRP Hair regrowth before and afterthan a hair transplant.
Please know that I understand the devastation of hair loss. Now thanks to PRP therapy there is hope for many people. Here is a photo of before and after two treatments of me. More to come as my hair continues to grow.
Thanks for reading,

My Experience with Kybella, by Cynthia Baecker

Yes, it’s true – I am lucky to have a job where I have guinea pig rights.  Most recently I became the guinea pig for Kybella.  Who knew that there was a nonsurgical option for that little pouch under my chin?  I was told not only was there an option, it’s a permanent solution to this problem – my answer when asked if I wanted to try it for free….YES!!!  I was told Kybella is a product which was introduced to the market by Allergan to melt away ‘submental fullness’ (double chin).  It’s not a solution for those in need of a lift….if the area is sagging in the first place – taking away the fat pad underneath would only make the problem worse.  My journey began with an icepack to the neck.  The icepack was to numb the area that would later be injected with Kybella.  I can’t be certain what all of the drawings on my chin and neck were for….but the end result was that the pooch under my chin was isolated and marked with what I could only identify as a pretend tattoo.  The injectionsKybella Before and After in brecksville ohio really only took about 5-7 minutes….it was fast….but there was some burning after for about 10-15 minutes.  I was thankful for my icepack but all subsided and I was able to carry on.  This was just last evening – I took some Motrin before bed as well.  This morning my chin is a bit swollen – and if I shake my head quickly I have a bit of a giggle.  No pain today but I do have a bit of numbness, which I was told is expected as well.  All in all I would say the experience is panning out to be an interesting journey.  A second and final treatment will be done in 6 weeks.  If this works I’d say the small amount of pain and swelling will be a small trade of for the absence of a double chin….stay tuned for further details! Meanwhile here is a photo of before and the day after Kybella.


Sunscreen? But Its Cloudy outside!!

skin care in northeast ohioEven on a cloudy day you are getting the UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) rays from the sun. These are the rays responsible for premature aging, eye damage and skin cancer. Each and every day driving a car exposes the left side of your face and shoulders. This exposure accumulates and in time you will see damage to the skin. Get in the habit of using your sun visors in your car. Push them to the side to protect your face and eyes.
Use a sunscreen of a least an SPF of 30. Apply it 30 minutes before exposure.  Make certain your sunscreen has both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These two ingredients protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Ingredients such as Octinoxate and Octisilate only protect you from UVB.
Men can use sunscreen after they shave in the morning. Women can use sunscreen before applying make-up or even mix it into their liquid foundation. The sunscreens provided in make-up are not enough! This is the best anti-aging advice given to people of any skin type. So be diligent and protect yourself.
Cynthia Baecker, Esthetician at Revive

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