Our History

A Brief History of Revive by one of our founders, Dr. Adam Mack 

It all started when I partially tore my Achilles tendon.  After four months with multiple treatments, both conservative and medical, I still had significant symptoms. I was only 25% better, I could not work out and was extremely limited with all sports activities. During my recovery, Bill, a representative from a company that had developed a new product (an advanced form of PRP -platelet rich plasma), was soliciting our office at Brecksville Physical Medicine. Because my recovery was taking so long I decided it was time to try something new. I called Bill and asked him to come speak with us. He came in with his PRP kits and centrifuge. He taught me and the medical staff to do the procedure (using me as the sample patient) and within just a couple of weeks I was 75% better. Obviously, with my amazement, I wanted to learn more. After discussing it with our medical doctor, who was familiar with the healing properties of PRP in sports medicine, we decided that we needed to get this advanced healing technology to our patients.

We asked Bob Brandt, the inventor of this Advanced system, to come to our office. For two days we did multiple types of treatments on patients with conditions such as: Plantar Fasciitis, Avascular Necrosis of the knee, partially torn extensor muscle in elbow, joint arthritis, hair and face regenerative treatments. Everyone experienced relief within a few weeks. Being that this was our first experience with this type of advanced treatment, we felt very fortunate that we were able to learn everything first hand from the experts.

After over 2 years of seeing tremendous results with joints and tendons at our physical medicine facility we decided it was time to expand our services. Armed with this advanced PRP healing system, we founded a unique and progressive Medical Spa that offers standard Med-spa treatments along with cutting edge non-surgical face lifts, hair growth for men/women and IV Nutrient Therapy. We are very proud to say that Revive is a one of a kind wellness and healing center for the inside and out.



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